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You have heard it a million times, oil is the most important fluid in your engine. But every vehicle is different, some can go 6,000 miles between oil changes others only about 3,000 miles. The weather affects the life of your oil too, the hot summer may have shortened your oil's life expectancy. How do you know when it's time to change the oil?
  • The oil is black clean oil should be honey-colored
  • The engine is loud that means the oil is not working to lubricate the engine and keep things running smooth
  • The check engine light comes on don't panic it's probably just routine maintenance, and if it's not we can take care of that too
  • The level is down as time goes by the engine will use up the oil, you want to get it changed before it gets too low
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Fall Service Special
•Oil & Filter Change
•Fluid Quality Check
•Tire Pressure Check
•Multi Point Inspection
•Exterior Car Wash
*Coupon valid for most models. Includes up to 5 qts. of oil & an oil filter. Additional charge for diesel or synthetic oil.
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